Monday, 26 September 2011

Horrible 1st Period After Myomectomy

My first period after my surgery started a week ago with light spotting. I had no real bleeding for two days but a pinkish discharge. After the first two days this changed to light spotting which only required a panty liner as protection.

I was quite happy with this and thought (prayed) that this is how my periods would be going forward, kind of as a reqward for going through the surgery. Alas, this was not the case.

I decided to take our new dog for a walk on Thursday afternoon. She is not well trained on the lead and by Thursday we had only had her for a week. I had to drop a letter into the post box and didn't want to leave the dog by herself so I took her with me. She pulled an awful lot on the lead and I think this was not very good for my recovery. The walk took about 30-45min in total and by the afternoon I had started bleeding more heavily. This has continued through to today and I am stil bleeding more heavily. I think this is a combination of the fibroid that I still have in the cavity of the womb that needs to be removed and also from the force of the dog pulling on the lead! I am not happy. Yesterday I was in so much pain I was back on the codeine and diclofenac. I was doubled over in pain and was literally in tears to my partner. If that had carried on I would have been down the doctors. I will give them (or my surgeon) a call tomorrow if I am still bleeding heavily with clots or if the pain returns.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

I started using Lily C yesterday

I decided that my scar looks like it is healing nicely, after my infection scar the weekend just gone.

I have only used it once and one thing I can say that I like about it is that I no longer need to wear my granny pants (which my boyfriend has affectionaly named them as shit catchers! charming eh...) I can now go back to my lower lying pants which are much more suited to me!

Hoping to be fibroid free

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

My bleeding has stopped

I'm so pleased that my bleeding and spotting has completely stopped!!

Yaaaaaaaaay (",) One more step along the road to recovery.


Sunday, 11 September 2011

Off to the emergency doctor for lil old me.....

I woke up feeling shite, sore and completely shattered again today.....! Enough is enough, I am sick of having this damn UTI and waiting for a urine test to take a week to come back and confirm what I already know! I am also concerned about my wound so I am calling WestCall for an emergency appt.

Pissed off today!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

I feel like crap today!

Oooh weeeee!!!!

I am in quite alot of pain today (yet again!).   I am pretty annoyed (yet again!) because I keep doing this one step forward and one step back dance and getting nowhere fast.  Actually, that is probably an exageration but really I am so frustrated.  I just want to get back to work and earn some money, I am sick of being broke and I am sick of not being able to drive.


Today I have been in pain since about lunchtime.  I have had really horrible pains around my wound.  It feels really sore.

I was out with my boyfriend in the car and asked him to drop by my mums so I could get some meds quickly, have a wee and inspect my wound.    When I looked at my wound I was surprised to see that the right hand side that  had been healing nicely had a little hole at the end open up where the drain had been. This had previously been healed and now it was open with something white coming out of it!  Obviously put together with the pain, the heat around the wound, the thickening of tissue either side of the wound I immediately thought INFECTION!!!  I cleaned the area with a cotton bud and put some germoline on it and carried on for the rest of the day which included yet another 3hr stint in town shopping for back to school essentials for my boyfriend's little boy. By the time I got back I had to sit in the car for 5mins to psych myself up for the pain of getting out of the car and back indoors. As soon as I got in I went straight to bed to have a kid down for a couple of hours. I had to go out for dinner to celebrate my sisters 30th even though I felt like staying in and sleeping through to the next day!!!!!

Whilst I was out my stomach was really really bloated and very sore so I was only out for a couple of hours before heading back to my sick bed. I know I did too much but I really just want to get better soon!!

"Hoping to be fibroid free!"

Thursday, 8 September 2011

I'm thinking about going home next week

I hope I am ready. 

I definitely feel ready to sleep in my own bed.  The only problems I can forsee are getting possible slips and falls and the temptation to pick up heavy things that I shouldn't.  I will be trialing a night at home before moving all my stuff back.  It will be nice to get back to my own surroundings.

With the above said, I will be forever eternally grateful to my mother for taking care of me these past few weeks.  I honestly don't know where I would be withough her.  I have also benefitted from having a wonderful boyfriend who has also done his bit to take care of me over the weekends as I have stayed with him every weekend since my op.

They are both huge stars!!!

Love you both
Tama x 


I'm shattered!!

Why do I keep doing this to myself!?

Let me start off by saying that I LOVE SHOPPING!!!  I could shop all day, for myself, for others, I don't really care I just love to be in the shops!

After umm'ing and ahhhhh'ing about whether to join my mum and sister for a trip into town I decided to go along and actually slap a bit of make up on before doing so.  Makes a change to be in my maxi dress as opposed to my baggy hareem (MC Hammeresque) pants.

Before leaving I asked how long we would be in town and recieved no definitive answer, should have had second thoughts then but to be honest I thought I would be okay.  Well all was well until about 45mins before we were sat in the car to go home.  That last 45mins though was a fricking nightmare, my stomach and back started hurting so bad I had to stop and take a couple of codine or I don't think I would have been able to make the walk back to the car.  Anyway, I managed to get back but lawdy, do I feel the pain now.  Shouldn't have done it - especially as I am skint as I'm a contractor and didn't work for a month before the surgery and won't be able to work for at least a month after the surgery.  Never mind, I got a couple of bargains and got to spend some lovely time with my mum and my sister.

It was worth it.....!  I will just go up for a nap now.

"Hoping to be fibroid free!"

Tama x

My Lily-C Scar Reductuon Therapy sheet has arrived!

I was interested to see that this kind of thing was available.  Being the kind of person that loves low rise bikini's I am defo interested in making my scar as invisible and flat as possible so I ordered this from and paid £25.  I subsequently saw a seller on Ebay selling the same thing for £9 but cest la vie!

I am pleased it has arrived so I will be checking with the doctor tomorrow to see when I can start wearing it.  In the most part my wound is pretty much healed so  I think it shouldn't be long before I can wear the silicone sheet which amongst other things will mean I no longer have to wear grandma's pants!  I am so sick of those things I can't tell you.  I swear they may my belly hot and clammy!  Nice hey!

Another thing I will be trying out will be tissue massage in an attempt to reduce the amount of scar tissue adhesion to my skin and to my internal organs.  I will cover this in more depth (or with a link to you tube instead) in a later post.  Hopefully I will be able to start that at 3 or 4 weeks post surgery.  Fingers crossed.

"Hoping to be fibroid free!"
Tama x

I'm definitely off to the doctors tomorrow....

My wound is not hurting or as hot or feeling as thick as it did yesterday but it does not feel right and I want to check it out.

I also have an annoying bit of stitch hanging out of the left hand corner of the incision that I want to get snipped away and it was causing me some pain last week for two days although it feels better now, I don't think the stitches will ever disolve on the outside so I want them dealt with before they start affecting my healing process and also the scar that I will end up with once all this is over.

I also STILL have this damn UTI I am sure, even though my results aren't back with my temporary doctor so I will be chasing those results tomorrow and some medication as I hate being in pain when I pee.  I don't need that additional hassle right now.

"Hoping to be fibroid free!"
Tama x 


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

My Wound Feels Weird Today

I've been at my sisters house all day today and although I've had a really lovely day spending time with family, I really think I should have stayed in bed and rested up.

My wound has thickened up slightly above the incision and below it.  It is worse on the right hand side which is where the largest fibroids were removed.  Maybe it is bruising or the wound repairing itself.  Yesterday my whole wound area, well slightly just above the incision felt incredibly hot.  Maybe that was just my body repairing itself.

Regardless of what I think it is, I am going to make an appointment for Friday unless it miraculously improves tomorrow.  I am not taking any chances when it comes to possible infection of either the wound or my innards!!!

"Hoping to be fibroid free!"
Tama x

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I'm Fed Up


  1. Bleeding!
  2. Taking tablets
  3. Having to drink loads of water
  4. Getting headaches!
  5. Having the worse wind ever and the awful pain that goes with it!
  6. Still having this damn UTI / spasam issuess so not being able to pee properly or comfortably!
  7. Feeling great one minute then feeling like shit an hour later!
  8. Not being able to drive myself anywhere!!!
  9. Saying flipping “THANK YOU” because I can’t do certain things for myself!
  10. Not being able to shave my legs properly!

Thats all folks!!!!

"Hoping to be fibroid free"
Tama x

Not feeling too bad today

But I still spent most of the day in bed!  Again, it was boring but necessary.  I really need to get into a process of busy one day, rest the next day.

Lets see how that goes.

"Hoping to be fibroid free!"
Tama x

Monday, 5 September 2011

Tired today

So I spent most of the day in bed.  It was boring but very much needed.

"Hoping to be fibroid free!"
Tama x

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Been to the doctors today

Had to go to the docs today as I feel like my UTI is back (I got a UTI after the cathether was removed in hospital, I think I had it in too long!).

I also needed to pick up my sick note and needed to get some more codine and some iron tablets.  I also decided to take the opportunity to get the doctor to look at my wound.

I find it strange that a) I was not given any "What to expect" information when I was discharged from hospital and b) that I was not advised to make any follow up appointments with my GP unless I encountered any problems.....tres strange!

"Hoping to be fibroid free!"
Tama x