Monday, 26 September 2011

Horrible 1st Period After Myomectomy

My first period after my surgery started a week ago with light spotting. I had no real bleeding for two days but a pinkish discharge. After the first two days this changed to light spotting which only required a panty liner as protection.

I was quite happy with this and thought (prayed) that this is how my periods would be going forward, kind of as a reqward for going through the surgery. Alas, this was not the case.

I decided to take our new dog for a walk on Thursday afternoon. She is not well trained on the lead and by Thursday we had only had her for a week. I had to drop a letter into the post box and didn't want to leave the dog by herself so I took her with me. She pulled an awful lot on the lead and I think this was not very good for my recovery. The walk took about 30-45min in total and by the afternoon I had started bleeding more heavily. This has continued through to today and I am stil bleeding more heavily. I think this is a combination of the fibroid that I still have in the cavity of the womb that needs to be removed and also from the force of the dog pulling on the lead! I am not happy. Yesterday I was in so much pain I was back on the codeine and diclofenac. I was doubled over in pain and was literally in tears to my partner. If that had carried on I would have been down the doctors. I will give them (or my surgeon) a call tomorrow if I am still bleeding heavily with clots or if the pain returns.

Wish me luck!

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