Thursday, 25 August 2011

I'm leaving hospital today

Thank Goodness!!

Seriously, I think my extra day in hospital was starting to do strange things to my head.  I kept having these crazy thoughts about how easy it would be for a nurse (or anyone for that matter) to sneak into my cubicle and bump me off!!!!  Not that I annoyed anyone during my stay so goodness knows why I started thinking that.

I  have seen every single person in my section (3 other ladies) leave since I got here.  One bed has been refilled three times since I got here!

Because of my low haemaglobin levels and the subsequent transfusion I have had to stay an additional day as I am in effect at least a day behind in terms of my recovery as I have been unable to get out of bed until yesterday and still had my drain and catheter in for a day longer than expected.

I am feeling better but not great, but I think this will improve once I am at my mums in more familiar and comfortable surroundings.

I wish I could take this nifty motorised bed with me, it truly is wonderful - I can lift my head and feet at the same time and everything. (",)

"Hoping to be fibroid free"
Tama x 


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Bleeding after surgery

Bleeding straight after surgery is to be expected however mine has been a problem (as far as I am concerned) and has always been an issue for me as I have nightmares of being rushed back into surgery for a hysterectomy!!! It is probably an irrational thought but it’s how I feel.

When I came round from my surgery I was kitted out with a lovely absorbent sanitary sheet (which reminded me of a Pampers disposable nappy changing mat!!) and a sanitary pad.

I was in recovery for an hour whilst the nurses worked on getting my blood pressure back to a level where they could transfer me back to the ward. After being back on the ward for maybe an hour or less, I asked the nurses to check my bleeding. The nurse checked and thought that I was bleeding quite a lot. She called one of the doctors to come and take a look and then whilst waiting for him to arrived she asked me if my pad had been changed at all whilst in recovery. I told her that it hadn’t and that I was in recovery for quite some time. She concluded that the amount of blood was due to the amount of time I was in recovery (1hr) without the pad being changed. The nurse changed my pad whilst waiting for the doctor to arrive. When the doctor arrived the first thing I asked was if the bleeding was bad would I have to go back into surgery and have a hysterectomy! He said that there would be a possibility of going back into surgery but that a hysterectomy would not be needed. He then checked the pad and said that the amount of bleeding looked normal after viewing the newly changed pad. Thank goodness!! I was then continued on nil by mouth (except for water) until the early hours of the following morning whilst the bleeding and my blood pressure were monitored. Luckily the bleeding subsided and I was allowed to eat which was the first time in almost 24hrs!!!

"Hoping to be fibroid free"
Tama x 

I needed a blood transfusion

My hemoglobin levels have dropped from 13 to 7 so I need to half 3 units of blood. I'm actually having the first as a type this blog entry and let me tell you it bloody hurts!!! It is also really cold when it goes through the veins... eww-weee!!  I really wanted to avoid the transfusion but seeing as I have had really low iron levels since pretty much the beginnning of this year I kinda expected that I would need one.  I am really surprised that I didn't get the transfusion whilst on the operating table.

My belly is really bloated because I'm finding it difficult to move around without feeling faint. Hopefully this transfusion will help with reducing the faintness and work towards getting me on the road to recovery and back home soon.

"Hoping to be fibroid free"
Tama x

Feeling a little better now

Just had my first bed bath EVER! You really can't afford to be bashful in hospital.

THe nurses are lovely which helps loads!

I managed to sneak a peek at my wound when the dressing .as
Was changed . I took the opportunity to take a picture. I am such a wierdo.

"Hoping to be fibroid free"
Tama x 

Wow.... I was a little bit out of it last night!

I will write up a full post on my stay in hospital at a later date....

For now, in summary my surgery was scheduled for 1 hour but I always had it in my mind that it would last for 2 hours.  It actually ended up lasting 4 hours!!!   I bled alot but so far have avoided a blood transfusion.  Yaay!!! Let's hope that continues, despite the fact my blood pressure has been pretty low since surgery. They have monitored me closely all night and checked that I'm not bleeding too much.

Overall, I am so happy to have gotten rid of the fibroids, my belly already looks flatter and feels less compacted. I think they removed between 10 to 15 fibroids In total!!!!  YIKES

"Goodbye crappy painful annoying life sapping fibroids!  I won't miss you one tiny little bit!"

"Hoping to be fibroid free"
Tama x

Monday, 22 August 2011

I've just had my operation....

I was very sacred before the op. It was a 4 hour surgery. More than 10 fibroids removed.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Just Starting Out........

I have just decided to start this blog four days before my scheduled myomectomy.

I will record my thoughts, my feelings, my operation, recover and my history with these fibroids.  I realise that I have alot of things going through my head at the moment and I think writing things down might help at this stage and going forward......

I suppose only time will tell.

"Hoping to be fibroid free"
Tama x