Saturday, 10 September 2011

I feel like crap today!

Oooh weeeee!!!!

I am in quite alot of pain today (yet again!).   I am pretty annoyed (yet again!) because I keep doing this one step forward and one step back dance and getting nowhere fast.  Actually, that is probably an exageration but really I am so frustrated.  I just want to get back to work and earn some money, I am sick of being broke and I am sick of not being able to drive.


Today I have been in pain since about lunchtime.  I have had really horrible pains around my wound.  It feels really sore.

I was out with my boyfriend in the car and asked him to drop by my mums so I could get some meds quickly, have a wee and inspect my wound.    When I looked at my wound I was surprised to see that the right hand side that  had been healing nicely had a little hole at the end open up where the drain had been. This had previously been healed and now it was open with something white coming out of it!  Obviously put together with the pain, the heat around the wound, the thickening of tissue either side of the wound I immediately thought INFECTION!!!  I cleaned the area with a cotton bud and put some germoline on it and carried on for the rest of the day which included yet another 3hr stint in town shopping for back to school essentials for my boyfriend's little boy. By the time I got back I had to sit in the car for 5mins to psych myself up for the pain of getting out of the car and back indoors. As soon as I got in I went straight to bed to have a kid down for a couple of hours. I had to go out for dinner to celebrate my sisters 30th even though I felt like staying in and sleeping through to the next day!!!!!

Whilst I was out my stomach was really really bloated and very sore so I was only out for a couple of hours before heading back to my sick bed. I know I did too much but I really just want to get better soon!!

"Hoping to be fibroid free!"

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