Thursday, 8 September 2011

I'm definitely off to the doctors tomorrow....

My wound is not hurting or as hot or feeling as thick as it did yesterday but it does not feel right and I want to check it out.

I also have an annoying bit of stitch hanging out of the left hand corner of the incision that I want to get snipped away and it was causing me some pain last week for two days although it feels better now, I don't think the stitches will ever disolve on the outside so I want them dealt with before they start affecting my healing process and also the scar that I will end up with once all this is over.

I also STILL have this damn UTI I am sure, even though my results aren't back with my temporary doctor so I will be chasing those results tomorrow and some medication as I hate being in pain when I pee.  I don't need that additional hassle right now.

"Hoping to be fibroid free!"
Tama x 


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