Below is a list of all the medication that I can remember taking since discovering that I had fibroids:

Used to delay my period whilst I was on holiday and then subsequently to control my periods

Oh how I wish I knew about this particular medication years ago.  My periods controlled my life and this would have given me some of the control back.  I took this medication for 3-4 months in total.  It lightened and shortened my period to an almost normal level, but I did suffer from irritability, mood swings and half a stone of weight gain during that time.

Tranexamic Acid 
Used to help reduce heavy bleeding during my period.

To me this medication worked okay at first then not so well, then really well towards the end of my time using it.  I think this is down to user error.  I don't think I was taking it properly in the beginning and the timing was all wrong.  When used properly I think this is a good medication to take.  It surpressed my bleeding somewhat during not so heavy days but on days 2 and 3 nothing at all worked for me.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea
Used to control heavy bleeding.

This worked for me at first and often haulted my heavy bleeding and clotting. I stopped using this after about
4-5 months though as I read that it has eostrogenic properties and as fibroids thrive and on eostrogen I thought it best to avoid goading them into growing more than they already have in the past two years!

Cinnamon Tea
Used to stop bleeding.

This didn't work for me but I don't think I really gave it a chance as I didn't like the taste, despite the fact that
I love cinnamon. 

Unpasturised Apple Cider Vinegar
Used to shrink fibroids.

The jury is out on this one. I did take the acv but never really regularly enough.  I would either mix 2 x tablespoons with water or juice (sometimes I would also add a couple of teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda to the water to alkalise the mixture as it can be bad for your teeth otherwise as it is very acidic).  I will resume taking the acv once I am back home and continue for the foreseeable future as acv has great health benefits overall and I want to work on making my body an non fibroid friendly zone as I don't ever want anymore of those things growing inside me ever again if I can help it!!