Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Wow.... I was a little bit out of it last night!

I will write up a full post on my stay in hospital at a later date....

For now, in summary my surgery was scheduled for 1 hour but I always had it in my mind that it would last for 2 hours.  It actually ended up lasting 4 hours!!!   I bled alot but so far have avoided a blood transfusion.  Yaay!!! Let's hope that continues, despite the fact my blood pressure has been pretty low since surgery. They have monitored me closely all night and checked that I'm not bleeding too much.

Overall, I am so happy to have gotten rid of the fibroids, my belly already looks flatter and feels less compacted. I think they removed between 10 to 15 fibroids In total!!!!  YIKES

"Goodbye crappy painful annoying life sapping fibroids!  I won't miss you one tiny little bit!"

"Hoping to be fibroid free"
Tama x

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