Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Bleeding after surgery

Bleeding straight after surgery is to be expected however mine has been a problem (as far as I am concerned) and has always been an issue for me as I have nightmares of being rushed back into surgery for a hysterectomy!!! It is probably an irrational thought but it’s how I feel.

When I came round from my surgery I was kitted out with a lovely absorbent sanitary sheet (which reminded me of a Pampers disposable nappy changing mat!!) and a sanitary pad.

I was in recovery for an hour whilst the nurses worked on getting my blood pressure back to a level where they could transfer me back to the ward. After being back on the ward for maybe an hour or less, I asked the nurses to check my bleeding. The nurse checked and thought that I was bleeding quite a lot. She called one of the doctors to come and take a look and then whilst waiting for him to arrived she asked me if my pad had been changed at all whilst in recovery. I told her that it hadn’t and that I was in recovery for quite some time. She concluded that the amount of blood was due to the amount of time I was in recovery (1hr) without the pad being changed. The nurse changed my pad whilst waiting for the doctor to arrive. When the doctor arrived the first thing I asked was if the bleeding was bad would I have to go back into surgery and have a hysterectomy! He said that there would be a possibility of going back into surgery but that a hysterectomy would not be needed. He then checked the pad and said that the amount of bleeding looked normal after viewing the newly changed pad. Thank goodness!! I was then continued on nil by mouth (except for water) until the early hours of the following morning whilst the bleeding and my blood pressure were monitored. Luckily the bleeding subsided and I was allowed to eat which was the first time in almost 24hrs!!!

"Hoping to be fibroid free"
Tama x 

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