Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I needed a blood transfusion

My hemoglobin levels have dropped from 13 to 7 so I need to half 3 units of blood. I'm actually having the first as a type this blog entry and let me tell you it bloody hurts!!! It is also really cold when it goes through the veins... eww-weee!!  I really wanted to avoid the transfusion but seeing as I have had really low iron levels since pretty much the beginnning of this year I kinda expected that I would need one.  I am really surprised that I didn't get the transfusion whilst on the operating table.

My belly is really bloated because I'm finding it difficult to move around without feeling faint. Hopefully this transfusion will help with reducing the faintness and work towards getting me on the road to recovery and back home soon.

"Hoping to be fibroid free"
Tama x

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