Thursday, 25 August 2011

I'm leaving hospital today

Thank Goodness!!

Seriously, I think my extra day in hospital was starting to do strange things to my head.  I kept having these crazy thoughts about how easy it would be for a nurse (or anyone for that matter) to sneak into my cubicle and bump me off!!!!  Not that I annoyed anyone during my stay so goodness knows why I started thinking that.

I  have seen every single person in my section (3 other ladies) leave since I got here.  One bed has been refilled three times since I got here!

Because of my low haemaglobin levels and the subsequent transfusion I have had to stay an additional day as I am in effect at least a day behind in terms of my recovery as I have been unable to get out of bed until yesterday and still had my drain and catheter in for a day longer than expected.

I am feeling better but not great, but I think this will improve once I am at my mums in more familiar and comfortable surroundings.

I wish I could take this nifty motorised bed with me, it truly is wonderful - I can lift my head and feet at the same time and everything. (",)

"Hoping to be fibroid free"
Tama x 


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