Thursday, 19 January 2012

Thankfully The TCRF Operation Went Well

I am now back at my boyfriends house to recover after my second operation which took place on Monday 16th January.

I had a really rubbish nights sleep on Sunday night due to the anxiety of going into hospital the following morning.  I managed to get a few hours sleep and woke up at 6.45am and had to leave the house by 7.20am in order to be at the hospital for 7.30am.  I ended up arriving late at the hospital as I was running behind and this was only made worse by the fact that we had bad weather that morning.

I said goodbye to my boyfriend at the hospital door and then went up to the ward to be shown to my bed for the day.  Like my previous stay I had a bed right next to the window which was great, but unfortuantely there was a woman on the ward who had a cold and kept flipping coughing which happens to be a serious pet peeve of mine!!!

I was given my surgical gown and socks to wear but decided not to put these on for about an hour and half whilst I got myself settled as my surgery wasn't scheduled until 11am.  Once I got changed I decided to catch up on some lost sleep from the night before so snoozed for an hour in which time the doctor came round to put in a pessary to soften/open the cervix.  The nurse also came in to give me some pain meds (diclofinec and paracetamol) before the operation.

By the time they came to get me it was 12pm and I was escorted by a nurse to the surgery room where I was hooked up to monitors and asked to confirm my name, dob etc etc for like the millionth time then after a short while I was off in the land of nod. 

I woke up at just after 1pm so the surgery must have taken less than an hour to do.  I was asked about three times whether my eye was okay.....? Bizzare.  My eye(s) felt okay but they did feel extremely tired.  I have since learned that I may have suffered an allergic reaction to the laytex in the tape used to keep my eyes closed during surgery.

After about an hour in recovery (due to waiting for a porter and my allocated nurse to become available) I was wheeled back upstairs and transferred to my bed for a well needed nap.  I woke up about an hour or so later and felt well enough for a coffee along with a couple of slices of toast with butter and jam, which was the nicest toast I think I have every eaten - although I think that sentiment was only due to the fact that I had not eaten since 8pm the day before.

The doctor came round to tell me how the operation went.  She said that they removed the fibroid and that my uterus had a septate in it which was probably caused by the open myomectomy in August 2011.  She said that they managed to remove the septate without any problems.

I was then told that I could leave as soon as I had managed to use the toilet (for a number 1) which I did about 45mins later after another snorey snooze and then I arranged for my lovely mum to come and collect me and take me to stay at her house for the night. 


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