Monday, 16 January 2012

My 2nd (well 3rd) Op is today....

I need to be up in about 6 and a half hours and I feel wide awake - yet shattered.  Yes, I know that makes no sense but the sooner I go to sleep the sooner the operation will be here and I am really nervous.  Not nervous like I was for the operation in August 2011 but nervous all the same as there are risks involved in any surgery but now that I am on my third operation on my uterus I feel like I am pushing the odds a little............

I really hope that this operation goes well and that I come out of it okay and with my uterus intact!

I have been so disorganised with regards to this surgery.  I only went for the blood test the day before the cut off and I only packed my bag this evening.  I called my mum and she said that she might not be able to pick me up from the hospital as her road will be closed tomorrow.  I am sure it will be fine but if it's not I will just go to my boyfriends after the operation.

Last week I realised that my period tracker that I use on my mobile is completely off because of the time that I was taking norehisterone tablets to delay my period so I wasn't suffering constantly from 14 day long periods followed by 14 days off and then 14 days on again and so on and so on.  This made my tracker think that my average cycle was 31 days when my cycle is always 28 days (usually).  This meant that when I checked whether I was due on around the time of my surgery it showed that I wasn't when in fact, I would be on my period on Sunday 15th which is the day before my surgery.  I had a nightmare getting a decisive decision on whether I could take norehisterone before the surgery so I took it anyway as they would not be able to do the surgery whilst I am on my period. I will just discuss it with the doctor in the morning.  I hope the surgery can go ahead though, but we will see.  If there is likely to be a problem then I will just postpone as my periods are much more manageable now so I can live for 3-6 more months as they currently are.

Right - I'm off to bed now to snuggle up to my gorgeous boyfriend and I'm sure I'll be off in the land of nod in no time whilst he's cuddling me.


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