Thursday, 19 January 2012

Bleeding After Surgery 19.01.12

My period was due on Sunday 15th January but because of my surgery on 16th January I had to take norehisterone for 3 days in order to delay it starting.

Directly after the surgery I had quite a bit of bleeding but this had subsided to pretty much spotting only by the time I went to bed (10pm) that night.

The next day I had light pink spotting and this lasted for another day until Wednesday 18th.  That morning I had serious cramps, which were bad enough for me to take a couple of paracetamol and a diclofinec.  The cramping continued throughout the morning and through to the afternoon then all of a sudden I started bleeding pretty heavily and have been ever since. 

The bleeding has slowed a little since this afternoon so I am not overly concerned but if it has not slowed right down by tomorrow I will call the doctor, just to be sure that all is okay.  Because of the timing, I think this bleeding is definitely my period and not a result of the operation,  however if it gets worse or I get any clots I will be straight over to my doctors surgery or on the telephone to them.

I am not in any pain and having to change my sanitary towel probably every 2-3 hrs.  In my worst days whilst I had multiple fibroids my periods were so heavy that I would have to change every hour and that would be a super plus tampon and a super towel which I would wear at the same time.

Hopefully all will be better tomorrow.


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