Friday, 22 June 2012

6 Months Post 2nd Surgery

I can't believe that it is now 6 months since my last operation!

I am feeling pretty good these days, however the tiredness still prevails.  I get so darn tired sometimes it's unreal.  I was supposed to go to the hospital back in February for a blood test following a GP appointment for the tiredness but it has improved since then but I am not back to normal. I will give it till July to pick up and go to the GP again and have the blood test if necessary.  Anyway, the test was supposed to be a fasting one, but the locum GP omitted to give me instructions on what I had to do for that.  DOH!!!

My scar has completely healed from the August 2011 operation, but I am waiting for the incision line to flatten out.  The section on the left hand side of the incision is completely flat but the section on the right hand side of the incision (where the drain was inserted) is raised and so is the middle.  I think this has a lot to do with the way they closed the wound.

Overall I am okay with the scarring and the way I have recovered has truly astounded me.


My periods have improved no end since the ops.  I now have a regular 5 day bleed and am averaging at 28 or 30 day cycle.  My flow is soooooooooooooo much lighter.  The first day or two is heavy but not painful and  I no longer have clots of any kind.  Lord knows how I lived with that!!!  I still can't get out of the habit of doubling up on my sanitary protection.  I think it will take me quite a few more months to learn to trust my body again and wing it with just a tampon on anything other than my light days!  The last two days of my flow is particularly scant which is more than welcome!  I can have light spotting after that for 1-2 days.

This is a MAJOR improvement from 14 days on 14 days off that I had to live with for way too long!!!!

One thing I have noticed since my operation I have gained weight!  I am half a stone heavier than I have ever been at my heaviest weight.  I used to level the scales consistently at 9st 11lbs but now I am 10st 5lbs and I DON'T LIKE IT!!  Unfortunately, I like biscuits and other naughty treats.

Being someone who has never had to worry about their weight it is going to be a tough transition for me to address this weight gain.  At 5ft 8in or 9in I am not overweight medically, but I know how I feel most comfortable and it is not looking and feeling like this!   After my operation my energy levels were low as was my ability and motivation to do any form of light exercise.

It seems this has now caught up with me!  I will need to sort out a plan of action.

I have no imminent plans for baby making.  I don't know if being a mother is something that the future has in store for me.  That part of my life is all if's but's and maybe's.

 It annoys me when people bring it up the "So when are you having one?" question like I am 'normal' and trying to conceive will be easy peasy when they know my history and know or should be well aware that it is likely to be a decision which involves doctors, hospitals and further treatment.

I am ever mindful the the lows and ultra depressing lows played a major role in the end of my previous relationship.  That relationship was flawed anyway so it was for the best.  I feel completely differently about the relationship that I have with my wonderful boyfriend.  I don't want the pangs of unrequited motherhood to kill off that relationship too.  

When I see other people experiencing the shitty side of being a parent (i.e. sleepless nights and bratty misbehaving devil children having tantrums and being down-right little shit bags!) I can, for the moment at least, wholeheartedly question whether it is something I actually want to sign up for!!  Children are for life, not just for dressing up and getting cuddles from.  Yes, babies are cute. Carrying and growing your very own child for 9 months is magical.  Parenting is challenging yet rewarding.  However I refuse to put myself through the mill again to achieve something that I am not even sure that I want anymore, or even have the ability to achieve.

 I am 38 years old now, so I know it is something I will need to give some thought to, but not right now.....I am still recovering from MAJOR SURGERY!!!

Ciao 4 Now

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  1. Hi Tama,

    I've been reading through your blog and I'm glad that your surgery was successful. My sister is 27 and has painful fibroids (I have fibroids too, but they're not large enough to be a serious problem). In one post you mentioned that you used red raspberry leaves for a while and that they seemed to help. Why did you stop?